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Announcement as to the Steam version of RPG MAKER UNITE



  • Luis Roberto

    What this means? The article wasn't clear, has the Steam launch been postponed or cancelled?

  • George Rounds

    Considering Valve informed them that it could not be sold on their platform in it's current state, I am assuming it is because in it's current state, it is not useable without, signing up for and downloading Unity separately.

    I would love if the team at GGG would actually take the time to open dialogue with the community about the struggles of this version of RPG Maker. As many of us were once greatly excited for the freedom that this version was going to bring to RPG maker. However, it has become more of a problem than it ever should have been.

    With all the negativity that Unity has brought on itself As much as I love RPG Maker, It's become something I don't think I will bother with unless I can get it on an incredible bargain as it forces us to agree to a 3rd party licensing and compensation structure that has been shown to be unreliable and in flux.

    Will be looking forward to the next version of RPG Maker. Hopfully either built on top of something better and with more freedom, if this is the direction GGG wants to bring the franchise in. Or as a new stand alone.


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