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The Chinese version is unable to modify Bgm



  • Official comment
    GGG-Support コミュニティマネージャー

    Thank you for your report!

    We will fix this issue for the future version. It won't be so long but if you wish to solve this issue ASAP, please try the procedures below;

    1. Open a file: Assets\RPGMaker\Codebase\Editor\Hierarchy\Region\Sound\SoundHierarchy.cs
    2. Replace the codes as below;

    At line 35

    Inspector.Inspector.SoundView(EditorLocalize.LocalizeText("WORD_0931"), num);

    Inspector.Inspector.SoundView("BGM", num);

    At line 43

    Inspector.Inspector.SoundView(EditorLocalize.LocalizeText("WORD_0947"), num);

    Inspector.Inspector.SoundView("SE", num);


    We are so sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding!

  • Normal

    When the editor displays Chinese, its mapping to the "system.json" file is incorrect.

  • Baz コミュニティモデレーター

    We were able to replicate this issue and will get this passed along, thank you for the report!


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